Muscle Foods is a UK online grocery store based in Nottingham, UK, selling high protein foods and snacks, lean meats and sports supplements.


Muscle Food was founded in 2013 by Darren Beale. Initially, they focused solely on the athletic community, but it didn’t take long to reach customers in the UK and Europe, including athletes, athletes, and people with an interest in health and nutrition. In 2015, Musclefood shipped the country’s most important protein pizza. They have agreed to start selling products and selling products on the Internet with three market chains, Sainsbury’s, Cooperation and Spar.

In January 2018, Musclefood received £ 10m from BGF to expand its business universally. That same year, Muscle Food was introduced to the wellness and fitness market at the premiere of the “Do the Undenkable Program.”

Later that year, the organization was named Online Retailer Specialist of the Year at the Grocer Gold Awards.

Muscle Food Details: Post and Pre Workout Diet.


Ketogenic Diets, are a general rule of 70 tons, 20% protein, 10rbs to study nutritional plans. I have put together a basket that reflects that. It features excellent protein dinners, high-fat meal arrangements, and items that offer a variety of low-carb rice options. It is important to consult your doctor before establishing a schedule before embarking on other nutrition routines that kill the entire nutrition routine, such as keto.

Chicken Breasted Sausage-12X 33G

Quantity: 1: £ 2.50

The magnificent chicken sausage, squeezed and stuffed with protein, is loved by our customers. Plus, use the Muscle Food Discount Code to get a 50% discount.

Medium Cheeseburger Spicy Melt-2X 134G

Quantity: 1: £ 2.80

Is it hot? This spicy liquefied cheeseburger in the middle keeps your dinner warm!

Extra Lean Beef Steak Minced-200G

Quantity: 2: £ 5.00

With less than 5% fat, it’s one of the slimmest hacks I’ve ever found.

Chili and Lime Salmon Skier-2X 90G

Quantity: 1: £ 4.00 Add spices to

salmon and add flavor to common missh mash, such as these bean stews and lime salmon sticks.

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Low Fat Foodless Bacon Medallion-10 X 35G

Quantity: 1: £ 3.25

Who likes Bacon Cerny? You can safely return the bacon to the menu! A delicious, low-fat bacon emblem.

Chicken Loin Steak-100G

Quantity: One: £ 0.75

Divide into one and prepare a delicious feast in minutes with this one chicken loin steak easily and without waste.


Quantity: 2: £ 3.98

Rice cauliflower is a quick and easy choice of low-calorie white rice carbohydrates, providing one-fifth per serving daily.

Curator-Original Salted Chicken Puff 22G

Quantity: 2: £ 2.40

With a small amount of salt, rich depth and a light crunch, this great treat is perfect for the early morning!


Quantity: 2: £ 2.38

Cheddar Cheesies is a heavenly popped cheddar bread that is rich in protein and free of carbohydrates. The snack is just right!