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Indeed, coffee is one of the yummiest and most energizing drinks that we can have. Despite having energy drinks in the market, coffee is a somewhat safer option than them. Pre- Ground Coffee for Cold Brew tastes amazing when chilled properly. Many of the people let it be cold and some like to be chilled. But why is it preferred over other types of coffee?

It is because it’s smooth in texture and a little sweeter in taste with refreshing nature. Other than that, it can be made with great ease and not only that but also it can be converted into hot coffee by giving it heat. It’s convenient as it can be made at home with affordability in comparison to fancy cold coffees that are available at the coffee shop.

But if you are thinking that as it is cold it would not be that strong then you have mistaken. It’s a strong drink. So you need to make sure that you do not consume the concentrated brew directly as it has excessively high caffeine content. You can adjust how much stronger you want by selecting the correct type of beans, moreover, you can manage the dilution time and steeping time as they play a key role in making a coffee stronger or lighter.

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Today I’ll share some of the recipes to make a perfect cold brew with ground coffee. 

  • First of all, if you desire to make a single cup of coffee then you need 1 ounce of Pre Ground Coffee for Cold Brew
  • Mix the Pre-ground coffee powder to the glass of water and give it a good mix. 
  • Let it sit for almost 12 hours. You can make it at the night and enjoy that in the morning.
  • Strain the coffee mixture with the help of a cheesecloth so that it can be strained fixed, not leaving behind the blurry or muddy texture.
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  • In case, if you don’t have a cheesecloth you can use the “basket” paper filters, which splay out in the shape of a round seashell. Ensure your filter is composed of very thin paper rather than a heavier material that will take a long time to filter through. 
    • If you don’t have these two you can use a small clean, lint-free vintage handkerchief or a cocktail napkin. When draped across your sieve, it should be large enough to cover it. I love how easy it is to wash and reuse (though you might get a light coffee stain if you use your favorite white one).

I would like to recommend you not to have it directly as it can be stronger first, dilute it as strong as you desire and then enjoy it. 

I enjoy having this Pre-ground coffee for cold brew and I would recommend you as well to give it a try!